28. June 2020


The 14.edition of the Lodrino-Lavertezzo Skyrace will start at 8.00 a.m. from the Sport Centre at 262 meter of altitude and finish at the Piazza of Lavertezzo at 536 m.

The course consist of a steep ascent in the Lodrino valley and an easier descent in the Verzasca valley. Its 21 km long with an difference in elevation of 2190 m uphill and 1860 m downhill.

After the first kilometer through the village of Lodrino the path is steep for about 5 km until reaching the Alpe di Alva (1570 m). A varied route of about 3km ups and downs lead then to the Alpe Negheisc (1880) Then again a very steep trail gets you to the panoramic stop-over - the Forcarella di Lodrino (2236 m). The descent starts with a steep, stony precipice and leads to the Alpe Corte di mezzo at 1627 m. After another steep kilometer in the Pincascia Valley the path gets smooth and takes you downhill in direction of  Alpe Piancascia-Forno-Cugnera until you get to the finish at the Piazza of Lavertezzo.


Lodrino-Alpe Alva mountain race

For the third  time we offer as an option to perform the race only to the Alpe Alva 1560m . Once arrived, you can enjoy the spectacular panorama and hike down unhurried to Lavertezzo. Personal items can be handed on the start and will be taken to the alpe alva by the organisation.

Fun Hike (Traversata Popolare)

Fot those who want to take it more easily, we organise a popular hike from Lodrino to Lavertezzo. The course is the same but we start at 5.45 a.m. at the church of  Lodrino (Chiesa). There will be food and refreshments on the way. The numbers can be collected either saturday at the schools or sunday at the church. The participants of the fun hike will also get a starting present. 

Where are we?

where are we

Registration 2020:

Registration:  https://shop.endu.net/edit/47289

www.lodrino-lavertezzo.ch: CHF: 50.-CHF / EUR

Please indicate:
Name and last name, year of birth
sex, category
Charges at the expense of the participant

Registration at the Start (Saturday, 16.00 - 17.30; Sunday: 6.00 - 7:00):
CHF: 60.-

Online Registration: www.lodrino-lavertezzo.ch  (iscrizioni)

Start number, Starting present, lunch and organised return journey from Laverrtezzo to Lodrino are included in the fee.

There is a limited number of 400 participants. The athletes must be equipped with Trail-Running or Mountain Hike Shoes.

For safety reasons a long-sleeves windprotecting shirt is mandatory in any weather conditions, phone, and has to be taken to the finish. A penalty of 5 Minutes will be added to the race time in case of missing shirt. (new regulation 2016)

The use of hikig sticks is allowed as long as they are taken to the finish.

On the way there are about 80 assistants and security people provided with radio funk to see to your safety. Nevertheless we ask each participant to act with responsability.

The organisation denials any liability in case of an accident.


Lagua    890 m                            3.3 km
Alva    1560 m                             5.7 km
Stüel    1910 m                            9.5 km
Negeish    1881 m                     10.5 km
Forcarella  2233 m                    11.5 km
Corte di mezzo    1627 m            14 km
Pincascia    1137 m                  16.2 km

Time limits:

2 hours to Monte Alva, 1560 m ca 5.7 km
2 h 30 to alpe Piavacra 1750 m/7 km


The prizes have a total value of CHF 10000.
- and will be handed partly in cash and partly in kind.

Lodrino-Lavertezzo Skyrace:
We award the first 10 classified of the categories 16 to 40 and first 3 cat. 40, and the first 3 of the category over 50.

Lodrino-Alpe Alva 5.5 km 1300m+ mountain race:
We award the first 3 classified of the categories 16 to 40 and over and first 3 cat 40, and the first 3 of the category over 50.

Additional Prizes:
first Athlet on the Forcarella di Lodrino

special prize for the race record Lodrino-Lavertezzo

present record: Men: 2h37 Pascal Egli (2015)

Women 3h 15`45`` Zuzanna Kokumova (2016)

Saturday 27 June 2020:

16:00-17.30 Lodrino Sport centres: distribution of the numbers and starting presents

Sunday 28 June 2020:

05.45 Lodrino sport centres: Start of the Popular Hike (Traversata Popolare)  
06:00-07:00 Lodrino sport centres: last distribution of the numbers and starting presents.
material check.
07:00 Hand-over of the personal items for the transport to Lavertezzo/Alpe Alva
08:00 Lodrino sport centres, Start of the Race
10:30-11:00 Lavertezzo: estimated arrival of the first athlet
12:00-14:30 Lavertezzo: Entertainement at the Piazza
lunch for athlets and visitors
15.00 Lavertezzo: latest arrival
15:30 Lavertezzo: awards show
ab 16:00 Return to Lodrino (Bus)


Women 16 to 40
Women over 40
Women over 50

Men 16 to 40
Men over 40
Men over 50

POP (not competitive Fun Hikers)



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